Bulk Remove Active Content

Are you looking for a way to remove active content from your Ebay items?

One of the easiest and the most overlooked solutions is to use Turbolister

We will lay down the steps here so you can remove prohibited stuff without many problems!


  • Download Turbolister: Download the software and install it on your computer
  • Sync your Items: Once setup is complete, sync all your active items and Save to Library
  • Export as CSV: Now export all items as a File Exchange CSV
  • Clean the CSV: Remove all columns except the Description, Item Title and Item ID
  • Assess your Active Content: Here, you must figure out in what form active content is present in your code.
  • Run an excel formula: For most common forms of active content, a simple Excel formula to remove content between two strings will do the trick!
  • Upload the File Exchange: Once you have removed the active content, upload your CSV to File Exchange with an Action command to Revise all items

That is all you need to do! If you would like us to do this instead, get in touch now!