Ebay Active Content

Starting June 2017, eBay will limit the use of active content in all listings across all devices and it will not be rendered by default. Later in 2017 the policy will also be extended to eBay Store pages.

To prepare for these changes, we at EastBound Studio encourage you choose HTML5/CSS3 only templates that do not have the following:

  • Javascript
  • Flash Plugins
  • Form Actions (search box etc)
  • Social Media Links
  • Buyer Feedback Comments
  • Currency conversion widgets
  • Shipping Calculators

We provide free assessment of listings to check what kind of Active Content your items may have and can also suggest ways to remove the prohibited code. You can also avail our services for bulk removal of active content from existing items, migration to HTML5/CSS3 code for better search or a completely new design

Kindly get in touch if you have any queries

Useful links:

Ebay Item Mobile Friendly Test: Over 60% of all sales on eBay are through mobile devices. Use this quick test to make sure your item description is mobile friendly.

Replacing Active Content: Active content will be disabled in all eBay listings starting in June, 2017. See the best practices here to keep sales flowing.